Kids Martial Arts in Fort Collins & Windsor

It’s never too early for little tikes to start learning valuable life skills, and that’s why we offer Tiny Tigers classes to the youngest students around.

Our “Tigers THRIVE” program (our Preschool Martial Arts Aged Class) introduces martial arts basics to our youngest students (ages 4-6). Listening skills, socialization practice, and self-control are the core components of this fast-paced, high energy class! Age appropriate drills teach our young martial artists to kick, block and strike, while also learning how to work in a group setting!

Why It’s Good to Learn Martial Arts at a Young Age

It’s easy to wonder why it’s necessary to start learning martial arts at such a young age. You might think that it’s unlikely that a child so young would ever run into a situation where they need self-defense. However, there are a lot of benefits that come from karate and taekwondo that extend beyond just self-defense.

Martial arts are a great way for students to become flexible, to work their bodies and minds through physical fitness, and to socialize with other students their age, something that’s invaluable at such an early point in their life.

The Thrive Tiger Program focuses on the improving the whole student. The five core values of the Thrive Tiger Program are:

  • Basic Taekwondo Skills
  • Athletic Development
  • Social Interaction Training
  • Mental Training-Memorization Practice
  • Life Skills / Values Development

Age-Friendly Training

At Thrive Martial Arts, we understand that every age bracket has different needs in the way that they’re taught, which is one of the main reasons we offer this special class just for young children. We have adapted our teaching style to cater specifically to their needs, in a way that’s motivating but not overbearing or intimidating. Our main goal is to see them grow and progress in a healthy and happy way.

If you are looking for a program to teach confidence, self-respect, with a bit of fun, Thrive Martial Arts can help! We are the Top Rated Local® Martial Arts Studio in Fort Collins and Loveland. Contact us today!