Kids Taekwondo Classes in Fort Collins and Windsor

While it’s never a bad choice to start teaching your children at a very young age, middle childhood is really where they become fully primed to take in new experiences, learn valuable life skills, and build healthy social relationships, and that’s why our Kids THRIVE class is one of our largest and most popular programs.

Our Karate Kids classes utilize a state-of-the-art curriculum designed to engage, challenge, and motivate students while maintaining the customs of a traditional martial arts program.

Whether your child is graduating from the Tiny Tigers program or starting martial arts for the first time, our Karate Kids classes will be a great environment for them — not only for learning self-defense but also for building lasting friendships and developing self-discipline.

How Your Child Can Benefit from Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts are an amazing extracurricular activity for a child to learn, whether they’re a little tike or approaching the dawn of adolescence. Middle childhood is a point where kids easily internalize the things they are taught.

Here are some of the ways your child can benefit from martial arts:

  • Learning practical self-defense skills that can be carried into adulthood
  • Keeping their bodies and minds healthy through consistent physical activity
  • Learning how to manage their time by practicing martial arts outside of the dojo
  • Building lasting relationships with fellow students and learning how to take instruction from authority figures
  • Experiencing the satisfaction of meaningful progression

Leader’s THRIVE Program

In addition to teaching self-defense, we offer an industry-leading training program that teaches students the skills they need to lead both in and out of school. By enrolling in our Leader’s THRIVE program, your child can develop their confidence and learn valuable public speaking skills.

Sign Up or Enjoy a Free Trial

Signing your child up for Karate Kids classes is easy. All you have to do is fill out a waiver, and we’ll be in contact with you about what steps need to be taken next. Alternatively, if you’re unsure about the viability of martial arts for your child, try out our free trial! This will help you and your child to know whether our program is right for them.

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