Stop by Thrive ATA for high-quality karate classes in the Windsor, Colorado area! Our taekwondo classes are comprehensive, and we have programs for children, teenagers, and adults. We will adjust the intensity of the curriculum based on your age and needs, and we know you’ll have a great time learning practical self-defense techniques.

There are all kinds of benefits of learning karate. Not only do you learn self-defense, it’s a great place to bond with like-minded people, improve your sense of self-discipline, and to physically condition your body. You get quite a workout doing martial arts and you won’t regret stopping by! Want to give it a shot but you’re still on the fence? Ask us about our free trial!

  1. How Karate and Taekwondo Work Out Your Body

    There are many benefits to martial arts, whether it’s for self-defense, self-discipline, or improving your learning and retention skills. However, one aspect of karate and taekwondo that is commonly brushed over is the sheer physical aspect of it. Did you know that karate and taekwondo are great w…Read More

  2. Karate vs Taekwondo: What’s the Difference?

    It’s no secret that teaching martial arts to children is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Choosing to enroll a child in a martial arts program (or signing up for an adult class) is an easy choice, but a choice that’s not quite as easy as choosing the right establishment. There are plenty of …Read More

  3. Differences Between Karate and MMA

    When it comes to choosing a type of martial arts to study, some people have no idea what to choose. And, when facilities offer multiple types of martial arts to students, how do you know which one is the best to choose? With all the questions surrounding karate and mixed martial arts, we thought we …Read More

  4. Karate Belts and Sashes Meanings

    Most people have a general understanding that different colored belts in karate indicate that the student is in a specific level of their training. However, people who don’t study karate might not know what these belt colors mean, exactly—nor do they know what it takes to go up to a new belt or …Read More

  5. Improve Your Health with Karate

    You may have grown up with martial arts as one of your first activities, as karate, taekwondo, and other styles of martial arts remain popular through the years. Not only can these activities keep the students physically active, but the practice can also provide a space for achievement, ethics, and …Read More