Martial arts is an ancient discipline used to train the mind, body, and spirit to act as one. Practitioners of martial arts are on a continuous quest for harmony and self-discipline through physical discipline. Martial arts is practiced as a form of self-defense to prevent practitioners from living a life of fear. The school of thought is simple; knowing self-defense techniques puts you in a position of power, with your body and your life. Whether you enroll in martial arts training now, or you enroll your children, there are many benefits of studying martial arts for self-defense. We have gathered a short list of benefits you may notice immediately and will develop over time.


The main focus of martial arts training is self-discipline. Self-discipline is reinforced in the dojo through uniforms, customs, and techniques that are practiced. Practitioners are taught discipline in body movements, mindful focus, and following a code of ethics. Working up the different belt rankings of achievement develops the body as well as the mind and harmonizing the two through development of moral character along with physical ability. Learning and following self-discipline techniques in the dojo will overflow into home life, including work ethic, school, and at home. Martial arts stresses the importance of inflicting harm on others only as a method of self-defense and just reaction, not as a means to bully or harm others.

Self- Confidence

The self-confidence gained from learning self defense is immeasurable. Some children or people find an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment in their own personal ability in moving through the belt ranking system. They know exactly what is expected of them and are able to practice toward measurable goals to achieve what they want to master. Because martial arts is a personal journey of self-discipline and mastery, even if a participant loses a match, they are no less of a practitioner, because the real competition is with oneself.

One of the biggest contributing factors to gaining self-confidence through self-defense is the power one feels over their own body and safety. The most timid child will walk a little straighter and stand a little taller when empowered with basic self-defense techniques that will help thwart an attack from a bully. Self-confidence is often portrayed through mannerisms and attitude, and someone who is confident in themselves and their abilities to defend themself and others tend to convey that, subconsciously. This confidence and awareness can help to make you less likely to appear vulnerable or be targeted as a victim.

Awareness and Insight

Children and adults who are trained and disciplined in self-defense will gain a new sense of awareness they may have not noticed before. Part of self-defense training is to be aware of surroundings and anticipate attacks and how you will counterattack at any given moment. This skill helps you to be more aware of things in general, as a keen sense of situational awareness is essential to avoid victimization. This general improvement in situational awareness will help in all aspects of life from reading directions to noticing when you need to refuel before running out of gas.

Personal Safety

Perhaps a four-year-old white belt martial arts practitioner will not have the physical ability to overpower a would-be kidnapper, however the skills learned in self-defense training will empower the child to fight back with all they’ve got, and in some cases this has proven to deter ill-meaning people from victimizing them. Most stranger kidnappers, muggers, and rapists alike are opportunists who look for easy pray. The simple act of defiance and fighting back makes the potential assailant less likely to follow through on an act and seek out the path of least resistance in someone less combative. Yes, this stands to reason that everyone should be trained in the art of self-defense!


Self-defense training such as martial arts is not physically easy. Warm ups, stretching, and strength movements are all practiced to enhance the movements and techniques. Practicing martial arts challenges your muscular and cardiovascular systems and flexibility. A martial arts masters are strong, fast, and flexible, capable of beating their opponents moves. Practicing self-defense can burn up to 500 calories in an hour and helps to prevent obesity.

There are so many benefits to learning self-defense techniques at any age. Practicing self-defense is good for the mind, body, and soul — the peace of mind gained is immeasurable. Simply knowing how to defend yourself and practicing reactions reduces the chances that you will ever need to actually use the skills. If you are looking for an excellent place to learn self-defense in Windsor, check out Thrive Martial Arts. We offer self-defense classes for youngsters, as well as their parents and family members. Come try out one of our empowering classes today!