1. Choosing a Martial Arts School

    Before you choose a martial arts school for you or your child, there are some things you will need to think about! Just because this is an extra activity does not mean that you should ignore things like the facility, the staff training, or the general approach to martial arts. Just because someone i…Read More

  2. Martial Arts and Discipline

    Many parents find themselves sitting on the couch, frustrated, head in hands, watching their children run screaming around their home. If you find yourself doing this increasingly often, it may be time to find a more structured way for your child to expend extra energy. If you are searching for a ma…Read More

  3. Karate Belts and Sashes Meanings

    Most people have a general understanding that different colored belts in karate indicate that the student is in a specific level of their training. However, people who don’t study karate might not know what these belt colors mean, exactly—nor do they know what it takes to go up to a new belt or …Read More

  4. Martial Arts Moves

    Martial arts is incredibly popular all over the world, and each different style has a different set of techniques that the students need to follow. Some emphasize the way you kick while other focus on the strikes. Some styles prefer to begin fighting on the ground while others demand you remain stan…Read More

  5. Improve Your Health with Karate

    You may have grown up with martial arts as one of your first activities, as karate, taekwondo, and other styles of martial arts remain popular through the years. Not only can these activities keep the students physically active, but the practice can also provide a space for achievement, ethics, and …Read More

  6. The Benefits of Choosing Martial Arts for Your Kids

    Your child is likely full of energy and personality, and you know you need to find an outlet for all of that energy. Why not add a constructive athletic activity that can benefit your child for years to come? Martial arts is a wonderful option for parents who are looking to keep their children physi…Read More