It’s Christmas time, and if you haven’t already finished your shopping, it’s time to make some decisions. With this being said, have you considered gifting an experience to your children or loved ones, rather than a physical gift?

Studies are starting to show that experiences are valued more than possessions, and result in greater overall lasting happiness. One such experience that could be a valuable gift is a trial membership to our martial arts dojo in Fort Collins and Windsor!

Here are some reasons why you should consider giving your loved one a Thrive Martial Arts trial taekwondo membership:

It Exposes Them to a New Hobby

For adults, having a productive pastime is a very healthy way to manage time and avoid idleness. For children, it’s an invaluable way to help them discover who they are, what they like, and what drives them.

The word “hobby” might be underselling martial arts a little bit; for those who find passion in it, it’s more of a lifestyle — one that can bring them lasting happiness and satisfaction for years or even decades.

Taekwondo could be the pastime that your friend or child never knew they always wanted. There’s only one way to find out — by gifting them a trial membership to our martial arts school!

It’s an Opportunity to Make New Friends

Just like the point above, this is an aspect of martial arts that’s inestimably beneficial for both children and adults.
Making friends as an adult is hard — everyone has responsibilities, jobs, and commitments that all compete with their time. Friends are made most easily at work, but there’s no guarantee you’ll find someone you share interests with. Going to a martial arts school allows you to meet like-minded people who you can see on a consistent basis.

For children, taekwondo classes can truly be a blessing. It’s great being able to make friends outside of the confines of their schoolmates, and it’s healthy for their development to expose them to people of varying interests. If your child finds joy in martial arts, the friends they meet in class could become beloved companions for years to come.

Martial Arts Keeps You Healthy

We’re not going to say that martial arts will magically keep you fit and trim if you choose to invest in an all-donut diet, but generally, taekwondo is something that can give you a decent workout at least once a week, much more if you’re practicing consistently.

Here are some ways that martial arts works your body:

  • Flexibility: Flexibility is non-negotiable in martial arts, as it is essential in pulling off various kicks and punches. You’ll naturally build your flexibility when you train in taekwondo.
  • Conditioning: In our martial arts classes, conditioning is a regular activity, so you’ll occasionally be doing pushups, situps, or other forms of strength-based workouts.
  • Cardio: Do you know how exhausting a sparring match can be? You don’t know until you try! Your body will be tested as you engage in actual martial arts, great for someone who wants to stay fit.

Trial Memberships for Our Martial Arts School

While your child might feel cheated if they don’t get some cool toy, it’s a great idea to throw a trial membership into their collection of Christmas gifts. There is much to be gained from trying out martial arts! Our trial membership at Thrive Martial Arts involves one class that’s completely free and five more for $55. Interested? Sign up today!