We’re almost two full decades into the 21st century, and today’s parents are dealing with unique challenges that are unprecedented in all other eras of history. Specifically, today’s rising generations have access to screens at every turn — young children are growing up in an era where the internet has matured into a ubiquitous, inescapable entity, where video games are more advanced than they’ve ever been, and where it’s not considered abnormal for grade school children to carry pocket-sized computers with them everywhere they go.

While the last century has seen tremendous technological advancement, it’s now happening at a rapid and exponential rate, eclipsing whatever came before. And, of course, this means that many parents are dealing with a very 21st-century challenge in their parenting — battling screen addition.

Now more than ever, it behooves parents to seek activities for their children which put them out into the real world, allowing them to socialize and engage in physical activity. The good news is that taekwondo and martial arts are great for this exact purpose! Keep reading to find out why enrolling your kid in taekwondo at young age can be a boon in preventing screen addiction.

Martial Arts Creates Friendships Outside of Normal Circles

It’s only natural that you make friends with people that you share common interests with. Makes enough sense, right? While this is normally a good thing, it can be problematic. If the friend in question enables bad habits in your child, it could only accentuate them instead of making it worse. If your children have strong tendencies of playing video games whenever they have a chance, it’s not going to help if they have a buddy who only wants to do just that with them.

However, if you sign up your child for a martial arts class such as Tiny Tigers or Karate Kids, they will have opportunities to make friends in other circles, and even better, the friendship is predicated upon a physical activity which can keep them happy and healthy in the long-term.

It’s not a problem for a child to have gamer buddies! This is 2019 after all, and gaming is as normal now as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. But it’s also important to remember to have balance in all things — if your children can make friends who share a love for physical activity such as taekwondo, they will be all the better for it.

Martial Arts Can Be an Extension Of Your Child’s Interests

Regardless of how much times have changed between today’s generation of children and the ones that came before, one thing has always been the same — we sure do love stories about warriors who kick major butt.

Today’s children are enchanted by Marvel superheroes and the champions they play as in their favorite video games. Millennials grew up watching Aragorn fight against evil in Lord of the Rings, Gen-Xers fondly remember being inspired by Luke Skywalker for the first time, and Boomers were no doubt enchanted by Bruce Lee in his prime.

The point is, we’ve always been captivated by stories of heroes who fight for what’s right. Thanks to the internet, today’s children have access to more stories than all of the humans in past history combined — you can bet they’ll have certain fictional role models who are warriors in one way or another. What makes you think they wouldn’t want to be the same?

Taekwondo (and other forms of martial arts) can be a great way for your child to be like their favorite characters. Naturally, they will be taught that it’s not normal (or encouraged) in the real world to be getting into physical fights with other people, but there’s something to be said about training, learning how to defend yourself, and practicing cool martial arts moves with style. Want your young children to feel like heroes? Learning martial arts can be a great venue for that.

Martial Arts Motivates Kids to Be Active

One of the best things you can do for a child is get them into the habit of regular physical activity. Tragically, this is becoming all the more difficult due to the presence that technology has in our lives. Kids nowadays spend way more time indoors than children in the past, so we can’t just rely on them anymore to passively get the exercise they need.

That’s why extracurricular programs are the perfect choice for little tikes. It creates a setting, purpose, and context for them to be active, and encourages them to do it on the regular. Much like other sports, taekwondo is an activity where you’re moving your body, pushing your physical limits, and practicing out-of-class.

You won’t regret signing up your kid for Tiny Tigers or Karate Kids if it helps them to cultivate physical activity in their lives. Kids don’t exactly have the option of hitting the gym and lifting weights, so any fitness habits that can be implemented in their life organically will be a huge benefit in the long-term.

Martial Arts Classes Schedule Time Away From Screens

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to forcibly remove our kids from video games, smartphones, or Netflix shows if we wanted them to have some off-screen time. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, they become addicted nonetheless, and that’s why it’s good to have scheduled time away from screens.

It’s easier for a child to put down the controller or laptop when they know they’re obligated to attend an activity such as school or extracurricular lessons. Our martial arts school can guarantee at least two hours of off-screen activity per week. While that may not seem like a lot, it certainly helps!

Furthermore, by creating an obligation in your children’s schedule to break away from the digital world, it makes it easier for them to be accustomed to this in the future. In other words, it’s a good preventative measure against screen addiction.

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Do you have a kid that spends too much time online despite your best efforts? Do you have a tiny tike that hasn’t yet developed bad screen habits and you want to prevent it from happening entirely? Whatever your circumstances, we can testify to the efficacy of martial arts. Karate and taekwondo have many benefits for young children, so you should consider them signing them up for classes! Tiny Tigers and Karate Kids are great choices for younger children. And if you’re unsure of the viability of taekwondo, remember that we offer a trial membership! We hope to see you soon at Thrive Martial Arts, in our Fort Collins or Windsor location.