There are many benefits to martial arts, whether it’s for self-defense, self-discipline, or improving your learning and retention skills. However, one aspect of karate and taekwondo that is commonly brushed over is the sheer physical aspect of it. Did you know that karate and taekwondo are great workouts for your body? Indeed, by enrolling in our classes in the Windsor and/or Fort Collins area, you’ll find that martial arts might just be a good replacement for the gym.

Here are some ways that karate and taekwondo help to work your body out:


If you take classes at Thrive Martial Arts, you won’t have to worry for much longer about not being able to touch your toes. Stretching exercises are a typical component of karate classes, because they’re a great way to prepare your muscles for the range of motion and movement they’ll be going through that day. Many kicks and punches have you repeatedly stretching your arms and legs as far as they can go, so it’s important for your muscles to be warmed up.

In addition to stretching exercises, the routine moves of martial arts will naturally improve flexibility. This is especially true for taekwondo, which puts particular emphasis on kicks. Have you ever heard of a crescent kick? This is where you extend your leg and kick in a circular motion — newcomers with little flexibility will have a hard time not bending their legs and their range of motion will be limited, but repeated practice will allow them to reach head-level crescent-kicks with a fully extended leg! There are many more examples that we could list, but it suffices to say that many taekwondo and karate exercises will work your muscles into unfamiliar positions, naturally improving flexibility and agility over time!

Cardio and Circulation

When people think of martial arts classes, it’s easy to envision mostly stationary workouts, where you’re just kicking in place. Other people, who are aware of the “forms” that students have to master, just see it as a process of repeating slow, memorized motions. It sure can be easy to think, “what’s tiring about that?”

In reality, martial arts are exhausting. There are many exercises in karate/taekwondo classes that work you hard.

Sparring: Sparring is a regular part of martial arts, and it’s much more tiring than it looks. By the end of a session, most students are drenched in sweat and rushing for water. You can be sure you’re burning calories when you do this.



Jumping: Jump kicks are a regular part of taekwondo, so it’s not uncommon to have exercises where students practice them in repetition. Jump-based workouts are often used in popular home workout cardio programs and it’s easy to see why!

Muscle Toning

Even though karate isn’t a resistance-based workout, you will improve your muscles. Physical exercises such as push-ups are often performed routinely, giving you some strength training, while the frequent usage of your arms, legs, and core will help to burn fat, leaving your muscles more toned, and ultimately, more effective.

Karate Classes in Windsor

Have you been looking for a new hobby, and would like to find something that can give you a workout? Thrive Martial arts could be perfect for you! We offer classes in the Windsor and Fort Collins area, for both children and adults. If you’re not sure whether it’s for you, consider taking advantage of our free trial for new students! Stop by today.